Meet AOE

Natalie Y. Beavers,  President

Natalie Y. Beavers is an epilepsy survivor, advocate, and mentor in the epilepsy community.  Living with epilepsy for over 3 decades, surviving brain surgeries, and interacting with many survivors like herself, gave Natalie the idea to start an organization to assistance epilepsy survivors and their families during their battle.  She has traveled to many states to talk about epilepsy and the importance to advocate. 


Natalie is the creator of "The Seizure Diary" which launched in 2013 and has sold in many states and 7 countries so far.  


Angels Of Epilepsy received the 2017 Classy Living Award in recognition of our dedication and impact through service.  Natalie also received the 2018 WEGO Health Lifetime Achievement Award. 

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